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HSC version 9.0.7 has been released 16th of December

We are happy to announce a new release of HSC 9.

This version (9.0.7) is a free update for all HSC 9 users with a valid subscription. The setup file can be downloaded from the Download site.

This release features new features and bug fixes such as:

- Copy-Paste of Cell Reference ranges
- Formula Navigator dialog
- New DLL unit for grinding (HIGmill)
- Mass Balance improvements (Fixed value status, g/t and ppm measurement units)
- Model Fit allows parameter fitting individually for each Data Set and each Fraction
- Database browser for Pyro excel units
- Templates and documentation for creating custom DLL units
- Importing custom DLL units to Sim
- Frequency plots for Monte Carlo simulation
- Improved Rename Alias -tool
- Other small bug fixes

- Bug fixes related to the chart

- Database Browser

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